About us

Combining traditional and state-of-the-art geological, engineering and financial analysis to create superior financial results and value.
Sable Bay Energy is a Houston-based independent Oil and Gas Company focused on the identification, acquisition and development of horizontal resources plays in the Lower 48. Sable Bay Energy is led by an experienced management team with extensive technical and financial expertise.

Geological Excellence

Comprehensive petrophysics, subsurface mapping and play identification to accurately characterize petroleum systems.

Engineering & Operating Solutions

Value focus from the recognition of reservoir drivers, the analysis and application of alternative recovery methods and the implementation of optimal production methods.

Superior Valuations

Risk and market adjusted valuations to drive superior returns to investors.

Proven Track Record

Created value at both large and small companies through acquisition, exploration and/or development projects. Broad experience covering oil, gas, conventional, unconventional, primary and secondary reservoirs and recoveries.

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